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Technology Implementation

Delonti technology implementation services include:

  • Building, testing and deploying new IT applications
  • Consolidating and rationalizing existing IT applications
  • Transforming IT environments into platforms

We begin with Application/Product Development in which our experts advise on software languages, development methods and technologies, and provide tools for all process stages, including application testing.

We use rapid, iterative development techniques, extensive prototyping, solution demonstration labs and other collaboration tools to quickly adapt to your changing needs.

Delonti technology implementation services work across Microsoft, Java-based, client-server and mainframe environments.

Application Outsourcing

Our application outsourcing services are a way to create business advantages – continually improving your applications, migrating them to flexible, leverageable platforms that can sustain business growth, using the following process:

  1. Develop roadmap for evolving applications into platforms
  2. Establish ongoing planning and governance process
  3. Identify application components to enhance as core components
  4. Analyze applications for common patterns
  5. Integrate new functions, features and technologies

Services offered:

Application and Platform Management
  • Production support
  • Maintenance and enhancement – both custom and package solutions
  • Ongoing software engineering (for software companies)
Infrastructure Management
  • Systems administration
  • Database administration
  • Monitoring
  • We partner with Verizon for data storage & protection, disaster recovery, scalability, performance, back-up and support
Quality Assurance Management
  • Outsourcing QA planning
  • Preparation of test cases, scripts and data
  • Execution of test cases, scripts and data


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