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Alliance Partners

As our Clients grow, their needs grow, especially in this rapidly evolving world of technology and complex business needs. Delonti does not profess to have capabilities in every area and, thus we strategically partner with organizations to be able to deliver more to our clients. Some of our key partners are listed below. If you would like to work with Delonti as a Partner, please contact us.

Microsoft, a global leader in software technologies, enables organizations such as Delonti to deploy
Microsoft programs such as programming languages, operating systems, servers, and Office applications

Intel, a global leader in Processors, Chipsets, enable organizations as Delonti to be a product
integrators and/or dealers.

Integrates GPS(Global Positioning System), Mobile and Internet Technologies to provide satellite
based Fleet Management & Distribution Management solutions. ATIC has strengthened its base by
forging a strategic alliance with the global Telematics provider Scope Technologies, South Africa to
provide prudent solutions to customers.

Aricent delivers innovative software solutions for the entire communications infrastructure.

The recognized leader in Cloud IT infrastructure and security services, Verizon Terremark
provides the world’s top companies with reliable, secure enterprise-level resources.

The Ariba Network - More than just a supplier network, it’s the world’s business commerce network.
Now you can collaborate with any company, anytime, anywhere.

EMINENT - Our strategic partner in marketing our products, solutions and services in the UAE region.

Anticipate, Protect, and Control the real world from the cloud.


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